Boys W17 Semi’s Wrap

Catch up with some of our teams each week, as we get the run down from our coaches and players to how their last match went.

Saints Boys U11B #54

by Coach Rob Clarke

U11 B54 played the Saints B53 today at Lilydale. The boys started well, but could not convert again in the early stages of the game with B53 running down some good baskets.

At half time we were around 15 points down, but despite foul trouble in the second half leading to no bench, the boys fought back hard and a late three pointer from one of our smallest saw us go down by only 4 points.

I am really proud of the boys and the effort they put in to keep fighting right to the end.

Well done both Saints teams!

Saints Boys U11B #54

by Coach Ann McCann

U11 B #53 Boys finished 2nd on ladder and have really improved as a team to finish there.

Had a final vs SEBC #54 today and won by 6 with saints 54coming home strong. But to my boys credit they held the ball up and got the win to go thru to GF.

Keep up the team work and work on that help D boys hopefully bring home the premier flag 🏀

Saints Boys U16C

by Coach Daniel Knapping

We headed in to today’s final confident after not losing all season, but we were also nervous given the fact that we knew we were due for a loss but wanted a perfect season. The start of the game took 6 minutes before a basket was scored for either team but some nervous fouls lead to early foul trouble and some interesting calls had the boys frustrated as we entered half time down 10-20.

We reassessed the game plan as it was working but not the most efficient, and decided to scrap it and try something else, this lead to multiple fast break points which we sorely missed in the first half and we finally caught back up after a 9-0 run to start the second half.

We had finally settled and were playing the game on our terms, but the lack of 3 seconds in the key violations all game lead to them being too much in the end, and they managed to keep the lead. with 15 seconds left, we were down 2 points and they had 2 free throws.

They hit the first 1 to take a 3 point lead but they grabbed the rebound off the second attempt and tried holding the ball up, we persisted with fouling to try get the ball off a poor inbound as we had a much better second half only having 3 fouls at this point, we managed to secure the ball with 5 seconds to go but a lapse in recognition of the score lead to us hitting a lay up and losing by 1 rather than pulling up for the game tying 3 and possibly forcing overtime.

It was a tough pill to swallow for the boys as they played their heart out but nerves got the better of us in the end, we will go into next weeks game better for losing as we now don’t have this “unbeatable” status over our head and will play more aggressive and to our style.

We look forward to meeting with the Fosters team in the grand final in a couple weeks time and finishing the season off properly and on our terms.

Saints Boys U18

by Coach Norm Lewis

Saints Boys 07 U18B today took on SCYC in the elimination final. After giving the opposition a massive half time lead, it seemed we were headed for the door in this finals series. Contentious decisions made it difficult for us, but to the boys credit, following a time-out mid way through the second half, they rallied to play the way they are capable of playing.

With 5 minutes to go, we were coming home hard and applying tremendous pressure to force turn-overs. At 19-38 other teams would have given up, but not this lot. Going on a 12-0 run, SCYC got very nervous.

Further fouls saw us reduced from 7 to 4 players, which still caused our opponents to play keepings off and score to win by 9 points.

Bad luck boys, you fought hard and I am proud of your efforts. Final score 32-41. Good luck for the future in all you do.

I look forward now to playing a role on Grand Final day for the club. Go Saints!!

Full Results

U9 A/Ares

Saints 65 d by Magic (27-33)
Saints 66 d by Scorpions (12-14)

U9 B

Saints 67 d by Saints 68 (18-23)

U9 C

Saints 74 d by Eagles (14-19)

U10 A/A Res

Saints 58 d Fosters (51-30)
Saints 59 d by Magic (17-20)

U10 B

Saints 60 d by Vikings (20-24)

U11 B

Saints 53 d Saints 54 (38-34)

U12 C

Saints 57 d Saints 50 (24-18)
Saints 49 d Eagles (20-15)

U13 A

Saints 34 d by Saints 33 (22-29)

U13 B

Saints 36 d Magic (27-18)

U13 B2

Saints 37 d by Lakers (30-41)

U13 C

Saints 38 d by Scorpions (37-41)

U14 A

Saints 29 d by Magic (23-38)

U14 B

Saints 30 d by Fosters (25-31)

U14 B res

Saints 31 d by Fosters (44-48)

U15 A

Saints 20 d Scorpions (58-35)


Saints 24 d by Saints 22 (36-35)

U15 B res

Saints 25 d Magic (25-24)

U16 A res

Saints 14 d Fosters (40-20)

U16 B res

Saints 15 d iRespect (67-50)

U16 C

Saints 19 d Magic (38-15)
Saints 18 d by Fosters (28-29)

U18 B

Saints 07 d by Scorpions (32-41)
Saints 09 d by Magic (36-48)

U18 B res

Saints 10 d by Magic (32-40)

U18 C

Saints 12 d Meteors (33-26)

U21 A

Saints 01 d by Magic (48-57)

U21 A res

Saints 02 d Meteors (70-47)
Saints 03 d by Fosters (56-59)

U21 C

Saints 05 d Fosters (46-18)

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