Frequently Asked Questions

We get plenty of questions from players and parents before they commit to the Saints.

It’s perfectly understandable, so we’ve put together some of the most common questions that our team coordinators get asked. If you find that we haven’t actually covered all your queries, please feel free to contact us, or make an enquiry about joining a team.

Either way, we’ll love the chat.

If your child is unsure about playing basketball, please feel free to contact our coordinators and we can arrange for you to attend a training session with one of our teams free of charge.

If they are under the age of 8, we also offer our successful Saints Training Academy, 

You will still need to register your child and then if they decide to withdraw we will refund a portion of your registration, depending on how far into the season we are. No fee will be refunded once they have played for half the season or more. Insurance is the main issue.

In short, no.

Our association has determined that a player may only play for one junior domestic club within the season.

If you currently play for another domestic club, and wish to play for the Saints, you are required to obtain a  clearance from your current club. Please complete our enquiry form and we will help you out.

Your registration fees for each season cover all the expenses the club incurs to enter teams into Kilsyth Basketball and ensure the club operates successfully.

These can include:

  • Kilsyth Basketball Team Registration Fees
  • Training Hire
  • Trophies
  • Family Events & Fun Days
  • Coaching Clinics
  • Player Injury Insurance

Our fees are comparable to other basketball clubs and less expensive than other sports in the area such as football, cricket and soccer.

We aim to keep our fees as minimal as practicably possible.

At the moment, we do not have any official SEBC Senior teams.

Whilst not compulsory, Mouthguards are recommended.

It is highly recommended that all players wear mouthguards as there have been the occasional injuries to teeth on the court.

The age group which you play in depends on when your birthday is.

For example: If you turn 12 during January and June, then you will play in the Under 12 Competition for the Summer Season, and in the following Winter Season play Under 13 (Boys) or Under 14 (Girls).

Just note that the Girls Competition does not have a U11, U13 or U15 section.

For more information on the age groups, please contact our coordinators.

All games throughout the season are played at

  • Kilsyth Sports Centre,
  • Lilydale Basketball Stadium, or
  • Oxley Stadium.

Your training will depend on the availability of your coach and other team members.

Training is 45 minutes in duration, held at various courts around the area, including:

  • Oxley Stadium
  • Lilydale Tin Shed
  • Yarra Hills Secondary
  • Bimbadeen Heights Primary
  • Lilydale Basketball Stadium
  • Kilsyth Sports Centre
  • Rolling Hills Primary


If you have never played before, the Saints have teams to cater for all standards and levels of experience. 

Teams are selected by our coordinators on ability, and then graded by the association to ensure the competitions are even and competitive.

Players are expected to show commitment to their team by attending training regularly, and turning up reliably for games at least 10 minutes prior to starting time.

Apart from illness, injury or an occasional special event, players are expected to be available for all games and training, and to advise their coach and team manager in advance if they cannot play or attend training for any reason.

And remember, court time is earned, not given

Our Coordinators are experts at creating teams based around the strengths and ongoing development of players. Team balance (e.g. a good mix of talls and guards, balancing team offensive and defensive skills) is also considered.

While we make the effort to ensure players are in a team with friends, we also like to mix things up occasionally to ensure that players have the opportunity to learn from each other.

Players will need a basketball for training: 

  • Size 6 balls – suitable for boys playing in Under 14s and all girls
  • Size 7 balls – suitable for boys playing in Under 15s or over 

It is also ideal that you come along in gear that you are comfortable running in. So bring your basketball shoes, your playing shorts, and comfortable top, either your SEBC Jersey or singlet.

Match Day
At your match, only your coach can bring a ball into the stadium. 

It is a good idea for you to bring with you

  • Your drink bottle,
  • Mouthguard
  • Hand towel
  • T-shirt

Get in Touch

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