Winter 2024

Find information about the new Winter 2024 Season, and your team details.

Finding your Team

Find your team

Finding your team in your PlayHQ account is easy. Simply log into your PlayHQ account at to begin.

Once logged in, follow the steps below:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner, then My Account
  2. Along the top, select the player name, then My Teams
  3. You can find your team for Winter 2024 with the ‘Upcoming’ tag. Please note all your previous teams will also be listed with a purple background.
  4. From the table below, you can search to find your Coach, Team Manager and training details.

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Winter 2024 Teams

Fixtures will be available on PlayHQ closer to the commencement of the Winter 2024 Season.

Key dates for Winter 2024

  • Training resumes Monday, 15th April
  • Games starting Tuesday 16th April U7-U10 girls, Wednesday 17th April U12-U23 girls and Boys Saturday 20th of April.
  • The season will run for 18 rounds followed by finals.

Don’t forget: teams can change season on season and as you can understand, team placement is a difficult process. We take many factors into consideration including age groups, coaches feedback, player development and team availability.

TeamAge GroupCoachTeam ManagerTraining DayTraining TimeVenueCourt
B01U23Jay MartinezScott GoodwinThursday7:15-8:00Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Canteen End
B02U23Julie BrooksSue RogersThursday7:15-8:00Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Canteen End
B03U18Lee MancsAndrew AndersonNo Training
B04U18Anthony GoyneLisa WhiteNo Training
B05U18Jason ButterfieldKatrina AngusMonday5:45-6:30Kilsyth StadiumCourt 6
B06U18Ben TaylorGareth SmithThursday7:00-7:45Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
B07U18Kevin PetersJulee GhaliTuesday6:45-7:30Bimbadeen
B08U18Gabe ZemkalnisNoelene BradshawTuesday7:30-8:15Bimbadeen
B09U16Jason ButterfieldCatherine ButterfieldMonday5:45-6:30Kilsyth StadiumCourt 6
B10U16Peter GreentreeRebecca WeinertThursday6:30-7:15Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Canteen End
B11U16Jason TaylorElise JonesThursday6:15-7:00Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B12U16David NickelMegan DunbabinThursday6:15-7:00Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
B13U16David BolandJulie HallMonday4:30-5:15Kilsyth StadiumCourt 4
B14U15David WiltshirePaul JohnsonMonday7:30-8:15Kilsyth StadiumCourt 4
B15U15Jackie LeeTara McCarthyThursday6:30-7:15Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Carpark End
B16U15Craig TaylorKate KirkwoodWednesday6:00-6:45Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B17U15Michael MannRebecca BakerThursday6:30-7:15Oxley StadiumCourt 2, Carpark end
B18U15Stephen JacksonElicia Deith-SpeirsWednesday5:00-5:45Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B19U15Trent Bos and Zach BosAngela RicketsonThursday6:45-7:30Melba StadiumCourt 3
B20U15Jordan JanssenJo NaylorThursday6:30-7:15Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Canteen End
B21U14Andrew JenningsSkye JenningsWednesday6:15-7:00Lilydale Heights
B22U14Nick StuartLaura AllenThursday4:45-5:30Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
B23U14Jackie LeeKim CumminsMonday4:15-5:00Kilsyth StadiumCourt 6
B24U14Brod JenkinsEryn VuarchozTuesday5:30-6:15Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B25U14Meaghan FreeLauren AllenWednesday6:30-7:15Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B26U14Brodie TaylorMelissa RankinThursday6:15-7:00Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B27U14Travis TaitLibbi Cuthbert SayersTuesday6:15-7:00Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B28U14Andrew SpinksJenelle HoveyThursday6:15-7:00Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Carpark End
B29U13Jackie LeeSarah LeeMonday5:00-5:45Kilsyth StadiumCourt 6
B30U13Paul CanningCatherine ButterfieldThursday5:30-6:15Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B31U13Hayley JohnsonSallyanne ForbesMonday6:45-7:30Bimbadeen
B32U13Matt KingJamie DellarThursday4:30-5:15Melba StadiumCourt 3
B33U13David NickelTrish NickelThursday5:30-6:15Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
B34U13Simon Hoyne and Clinton FrostLeigh StewartTuesday6:45-7:30Bimbadeen
B35U13Matthew BellJulie FenechTuesday4:45-5:30Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B36U13Bejamin RichardsonJess LucardieWednesday5:15-6:00Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B37U13Brett ButtfieldCathy CroweWednesday5:45-6:30Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B38U13Mark HewettFiona MeilakTuesday6:15-7:00Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B39U13Sally O'MearaRochelle ForemanThursday7:00-7:45pmOxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B40U12Bryan ColsonEmily TrigwellThursday6:00-6:45Melba StadiumCourt 3
B41U12John WattPeter VargaThursday4:45-5:30Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B42U12Matthew Gannon and Andrew O'neillAnna HewettWednesday6:30-7:15Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B43U12Paul BurgessDonna LarsenTuesday6:00-6:45Bimbadeen
B44U12Rob ClarkeMichelle ShergoldThursday4:45-5:30Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B45U12Bruce MarshallMandi AshbyWednesday5:15-6:00Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B46U12Nick HunterFiona DaveyTuesday4:45-5:30Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B47U11Cole MaesKate TannerThursday5:30-6:15Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Carpark End
B48U11Nigel JarvisKimberley CouttsWednesday5:30-6:15Lilydale Heights
B49U11Nathanael BoswellLauren KellyWednesday6:00-6:45Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B50U11Darren LawrenceMick ParkesMonday6:00-6:45pmKilsyth StadiumCourt 4
B51U11Anthony GlenKathryn WilliamsMonday4:15-5:00Kilsyth StadiumCourt 6
B52U11Shayne TillyJanet HatvaniWednesday4:30-5:15Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B53U10Rian MartinezJackie PaulThursday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Carpark End
B54U10Nathan RuigrokRachel SonesThursday5:15-6:00Melba StadiumCourt 3
B55U10Henry HanganKaryn PhizackleaThursday6:45-7:30Melba StadiumCourt 3
B56U10Eliza MurphyKathryn ClementsMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B57U10Kelvin TaylorJacqui BoumaWednesday4:00-4:45Lilydale Heights
B58U10Lukas DawesCeleste VerhoefWednesday4:45-5:30Lilydale Heights
B59U10Timothy FosterSeni FosterThursday6:00-6:45Melba StadiumCourt 3
B60U9Cole MaesKate PorterThursday4:45-5:30Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Carpark End
B61U9Kathryn JaegersTalor HollowayThursday4:30-5:15Melba StadiumCourt 3
B62U9Libby Cuthbert-SawyersKate TannerWednesday5:00-5:45Yarra HillsMooroolbark
B63U9Greg SchroderJenny TottenhamMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Carpark End
B64U8Tom SheppardSharni D'OrtenzioMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B65U8Chris CollierTanya CollierThursday5:15-6:00Melba StadiumCourt 3
B66U8Barry BallAlana CookThursday5:30-6:15Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B67U8Alanah JaryRebecca GrahamMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 1 Carpark End
B68Miniball 3Cam DawsonLauren StackThursday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
B69Miniball 2Liam BellRebecca HeasmanThursday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
B70Miniball 1Kirsty CollinsCherie AppleyardThursday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
B71U23Matthew KnightJanny KnightThursday7:30-8:15Melba StadiumCourt 3
B72U9Matthew BellAlana BellMonday5:15-6:00pmKilsyth StadiumCourt 4
G01U23Jay MarinezMichelle WhitbyNo Training
G02U23Keddie WallerJoanne WhiteNo Training
G03U23Naomi JaryAlanah JaryNo Training
G04U18Kim BurinSally DiteNo Training
G05U18Dale VakulcyzkElise WoollardMonday7:30-8:15Bimbadeen
G06U18Phil RimesBen RancieNo Training
G07U18Roberta WaiteSue MackieMonday6:00-6:45Bimbadeen
G08U16Jay MartinezFelicity RoddaMonday6:45-7:30Bimbadeen
G09U16Jamie KupinicRene DavidsonMonday5:00-5:45Kilsyth StadiumCourt 6
G10U16Paul JarvisSue RogersMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
G11U16Warren Da CostaGrace BlatnikMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
G12U16Kylie SambrooksShelly WilsonMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 1 Canteen End
G13U16Reid McGreevyEmily RobinsonMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Carpark End
G14U16Nicole KennedyJenny TarulliMonday6:00-6:45Bimbadeen
G15U14Lee MancsClaire PasiniMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Canteen End
G16U14David WiltshireAmanda MatthewsMonday6:45-7:30Kilsyth StadiumCourt 4
G17U14Brendan LongLeisa BarronMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Canteen End
G18U14Jason ZhangMel Lori PuiMonday5:15- 6:00Kilsyth StadiumCourt 4
G19U14Ryan HallihanMichelle ShergoldMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 1 Carpark End
G20U14Chris BroadhurstMichael ParkesMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Canteen End
G21U14Mark MacDonaldJeannie MitchellMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Carpark End
G22U14Lauren Smith-AndersonRebecca Van DykMonday6:00-6:45Kilsyth StadiumCourt 4
G23U12Craig BarnesBianca LongMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Canteen End
G24U12Paul JarvisKylie HoeferMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Canteen End
G25U12Leah Bishop & Caitlyn GrovesSarah LeeMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Carpark End
G26U12Ben ConwayKate BrookesMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Canteen End
G27U12Ben TurnerChelsea TobinMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 1 Carpark End
G28U12Justine RobinsonRebecca HeasmanMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
G29U12Chris BroadhurstKylie WilsonMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Canteen End
G30U12Alanah JaryDavid MorganMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 1 Canteen End
G31U10Chris LewisBrooke WartonMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 1 Canteen End
G32U10Justin HouriganAlisha ConwayMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 2 Carpark End
G33U10Ben ScottPaul JohnsonMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Carpark End
G34U10Jessica HosieJess TaboneMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 5 Carpark End
G35U9Ryan KingCaz PayneMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Carpark End
G36U9Renee WrightAndrew HillMonday4:30-5:15Kilsyth StadiumCourt 4
G37U9Emma BroadhurstSarah HuxleyMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 3 Carpark End
G38U9Jessie PetchellNyssa DubarMonday5:40-6:25Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
G39U9Justine RobinsonLeight MarriottMonday4:50-5:35Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Canteen End
G40MiniballKristina LongoBelinda HurleyMonday4:00-4:45Oxley StadiumCourt 4 Carpark End
B73U23Jason TaylorDaniel SpinksNo Training