Summer 2023/24 Grand Finalists

Congratulations to our 34 teams playing off in the Summer 2023/24 Grand Finals!

We have four grand final matches with two SEBC teams versing each other, in the U11AR and U13D boys, and U14A and U16B girls.


U8 BRESSEBC Saints B71
U8 CSEBC Saints B72
U9 CRESSEBC Saints B67
U10 ASEBC Saints B57
U10 ARESSEBC Saints B60
U11 ASEBC Saints B51
U11 ARESSEBC Saints B52 v SEBC Saints B55
U11 BSEBC Saints B53
U12 ASEBC Saints B42
U13 ASEBC Saints B30
U13 BSEBC Saints B33
U13 CRESSEBC Saints B40
U13 DSEBC Saints B38 v SEBC Saints B37
U14 ASEBC Saints B23
U15 ARESSEBC Saints B17
U16 ASEBC Saints B12
U16 CRESSEBC Saints B14
U18 ARESSEBC Saints B07
U18 C SEBC Saints B09


U9BSEBC Saints G37
U10 ASEBC Saints G33
U10 BSEBC Saints G34
U10 CSEBC Saints G35
U14 ASEBC Saints G40 v SEBC Saints G15
U14 ARSEBC Saints G16
U16 BSEBC Saints G22 v SEBC Saints G21
U16 BRSEBC Saints G09
U18cSEBC Saints G05
U23A/BSEBC Saints G02

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