Higher age group

At SEBC Saints, we’re all about playing fair and developing skills. So, we expect ours players to play in their age group and gender.

Age groups are determined by:

  • Summer Season: age as of December 31
  • Winter Season: age as of June 30

In exceptional circumstances, and when it won’t significantly impact other players or teams, a player may seek approval to participate in a higher age category, subject to the sole discretion of the Club.

Players seeking eligibility for registration in a higher age category must submit a written request to the Club. The request should clearly outline the reasons, supported by any relevant documentation. The Club will review and assess each request on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration factors such as player safety, fair competition, and the overall impact on team dynamics.

Remember – the decision made by the Club will be final. If an under age player playing in a higher age interferes with the fairness, safety or integrity of the competition, the Club reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments.