We're Back!

Kilsyth Basketball have announced that subject to State Government announcements on Sunday, November 23, the Summer 2020/21 season will commence on Tuesday, December 1.

It will be a season unlike any of us have experienced with only 12 or 13 weeks of competition, reduced grading and no finals.

This has been decided to maximise the opportunity of getting as many kids back into the sport they love and have missed playing.

In order for us to get you back on the court, we need you to confirm that you are playing by Wednesday, November 18.

While we are cautious about a return to sport, we want to continue to provide the opportunity to those who are keen to resume playing while respecting that there will be those who are not comfortable to resume just yet.

There will be strict guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of our basketball community and more on this will be communicated in the coming weeks.

We're back in


The Summer 2020/21 Competition at a glance

Girls MB – U11

Restart: Tuesday, December 1
Final Round: Tuesday, March 30
Season Length: 13 matches

Girls U12 – U21

Restart: Wednesday, December 2
Final Round: Wednesday, March 31
Season Length: 13 matches

Boys MB – U21

Restart: Saturday, December 5
Final Round: Saturday, March 27
Season Length: 12 matches

What you need to know

There will be no grading in the period before we break for the Summer holidays.

There will be no finals – the team on top of the ladder at seasons end will win the premiership.

Due to the reduced season and increased costs, there will no flags or trophies presented.

There will be restrictions to the number of people allowed at each venue, however at this time these restrictions have not been formalised. We’ll update you once we know what this looks like.

Will you play Summer 2020/21?

As the new season is only a few weeks away, we need you to confirm your intention to play in the shortened Winter competition.

To let us know, follow the link below. If you have multiple players, please complete a new form for each player.

paid for w20? COnfirm your intention to play

Still need to register via playhq?

Please note: you will need to let us know by Wednesday, November 18

This is a firm commitment and once received, you will be placed into a team.

What will change?

Kilsyth Team Sheet Fees

We have been advised by Kilsyth Basketball that there will be a change to weekly team sheet fees in order to comply with the Basketball Victoria Return to Sport regulations.

  • The $3 Door Charge will now be incorporated into the price of the Team Sheet. This will be +$42 per team and has been based on an average of 7 players and 7 spectators per team.
  • $7.50 Cleaning Levy will be added to Team Sheets each week to cover the rigorous cleaning that needs to occur before, during and after games.
  • $7.00 Biosecurity Officer Levy will be applied from Thursday, October 1 to ensure Kilsyth Basketball are operating within the guidelines provided by Basketball Victoria.

While this may seem like a large increase, if you add up what you paid previously each week for team sheet fees with your door entry charges, the result will be fairly close to what you have paid during the Summer season.

Once spectator restrictions are lifted, this new model will mean our family and friends will be able to attend for free.


We’re still working on a plan for training while we await the re-opening of our training venues.

We’ll provide more details once these are confirmed, but at this stage we are planning for Girls to still train on Mondays and Boys on Thursdays, dates to be confirmed. Due to the strict Covid guidelines, which need to apply to all our training venues, and the limited number of volunteers available to act as Biosecurity Officers, we may not run our usual team-based training for this short season.

More details to come on our training plans.

Summer 2020/21 Registration Fees

If you have paid your Winter 2020 registration fees previously, these will be rolled over to cover the Summer 2020/21 season. However, you will still need to reconfirm you are playing.

If you do not wish to participate in the Summer competition, you will have the option to:

  • Transfer your registration to the Winter 2021 Season, or
  • Request a refund of your SEBC Registration and Kilsyth Player Fee only ($85). The Basketball Victoria Licence is no longer able to be refunded.

Frequently asked questions

What Cleaning and Sanitisation procedures will be in place?

All players must sanitise their hands on arrival and at every break in play. The Ball will also need to be sanitised before and after the game and at every break in play. Kilsyth Basketball will be supplying hand and ball sanitiser and will also be wiping down all score benches, player and spectator benches between each game.

There is still a risk of community transmission at this point and I’m not comfortable with this risk. What are my options?

We completely understand and respect this. The decision for your child to play sits with you and if you decide not to play this season, that is completely ok. From a fee’s perspective, you can either request your Winter 2020 Season fees be rolled over to the following Winter 2021 or you can request a refund. If you decide not to play, we hope to welcome you back to Saints in the near future.

As a spectator, what obligations do I have?

All spectators must sanitise their hands and maintain social distancing at all times while in the stadiums. You will also be required to check in via an app to record your attendance.

Do all age groups return from December 1?

Yes, all age groups from Miniball to U21 will return in line with the dates set out above.

What happens if my child gets sick with a cold or COVID like symptoms?

If your child is unwell, please stay at home and do not bring your child to the game. Let your Team Manager know the situation as early as possible especially if COVID 19 is suspected.

I have registered and paid for the Winter 2020 season prior to the start of the pandemic, and I no longer wish to play. Can I get my money back?

If you don’t wish to play in the Summer 2020/21 Season starting from Tuesday, December 1, we can either roll the Saints Registration fee ($75) forward to cover the Winter 2021 season or you can request a refund of the Saints Registration Fee and Kilsyth Player Fee ($85) by emailing membership@sebcsaints.com.au.

You are no longer able to request a refund of the Basketball Victoria Licence fee ($25/$39) as was offered earlier this year.  

I usually bring my other kids with me to watch their sibling play. Will this be allowed? 

At this stage, we have not been advised of the spectator restrictions. We’ll update you as more information is released.