A letter from Norm

To all at SEBC Saints,

This past year has proven to be one of the strangest and most difficult most of us will ever encounter.

We will find the future to be very different for some time to come and many people may have to make substantial changes to their way of life.

I have no doubt that some have already had to make adjustments to their daily lives just to maintain survival.

It has been unfortunate that the advent of Covid-19 had such a dramatic effect in almost every area of our lives, not the least in the sports arena and especially basketball

I sincerely hope that as we reach the end of restrictions, some form of normality will give everyone the lift in spirits that is needed.

I, like many others, have had time to reflect on how the future may play out both professionally and personally. Health is always of concern to all of us and features strongly in many of life’s decisions.

Recently our girls coordinator, Deb Thomas, reached out to advise me of her decision to resign her position and retire from basketball to focus on her family and for the first time in a very long time, herself.

On behalf of the club I thank Deb for her tireless efforts over the last twenty years or so, as she has mentored hundreds of young girls that have played for SEBC Saints and managed the girls program with great passion and commitment. We wish her well for the future and hopefully more grandchildren.

I too have thought long and hard to reassess the future.

Sadly, I have reached the decision that my time at Saints must come to an end. After seven years at the helm as President, I believe now is the best time for new blood and fresh ideas to take the club into the future.

I will officially stand down at the upcoming AGM in November and will fully support whoever takes on the role.

I wish them every success and hope they enjoy the role as much as I have and I would like to think they receive the great support that I have enjoyed.

My time at the Saints has been nothing short of amazing and I have seen some wonderful memories created for players and parents alike.

The friendships I have made in my time as President will hopefully be maintained. I intend to continue to be a supporter of the best basketball club and association in the country, as I look forward to my basketball retirement.

To all the players I was lucky enough to coach, thanks for the memories.

To their parents, thanks for all your support in my coaching career.

To my committee members, I thank you all for your support, encouragement and friendship. I look forward to seeing where the future takes this club and the competition in general. No club can function without a good committee of volunteers, so I encourage others to join you for the next chapter of SEBC.

Good luck to you all and again I offer my sincere thanks and best wishes to everyone.

Sincere Regards
Norm Lewis

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