What’s new for Winter 2021

Winter 2021 Match Changes

  1. The shot clock will return for U16A & U18A
  2. Game time slots will return to 50 minutes
  3. Timeouts can be called in the last 2 minutes to advance the ball
  4. Clock stops in the last 3 minutes of the second half for every whistle
  5. Players must be registered in PlayHQ by Round 3
  6. Players cannot be added in the final game of the regular season


Phase 1
Round 1 – 3

Phase 2
Following Round 3, changes have be made to your fixture as teams are re-graded for Round 4 – 6. The ladder has been reset and your matches are now live

Phase 3 (TBC)
Following Round 6, there may be minimal changes made for Round 7 – 8. Regrading will only be made in exceptional circumstances at the end of Round 8.

Team Sheet prices

The prices of team sheets for this season are the following:

CompetitionTeam Sheet
Miniball (U7)$77.00
U8 – U10$84.00
U12 – U18$88.00


To also help make the work of our Team Managers a little easier, we are currently rolling out Teampay as an option for our weekly team payments.

The program will remove the need for chasing and collecting money each week and streamline the entire collection process. If your team is interested in using Teampay this season, please speak to your Team Manager.

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