Coaches Corner


The initial grading of teams has now been completed with your ladder being reset to 0 points.

Your new fixture for the regular season (as of Round 4) is now available on PlayHQ, but please continue to check your fixture as teams may continue to move.

Fill-in players

There are rules around when fill-ins can play for another Saints team. It is important to run any fill ins by Jackie (Boys) and Elise (Girls) to determine their eligibility to play, particularly when there are representative players involved.

Training Venues

If your team will not be training a particular week, it is important you inform Jackie (0400 667 911) as early as possible to ensure the venue is not left unlocked at any time, or the following team is locked out.

Each training venue must be cleaned of rubbish that your team has brought in before leaving. This is important as we could risk losing the use of the training venue.

Working with Children’s Check

All Team Managers and Coaches are required to register via PlayHQ each season. If you are yet to register for Winter 2021, you can quickly complete your details here.

If you haven’t already, please provide a copy of your Working with Children’s Check (Free), with SEBC Saints or St Edmunds Basketball Club as your nominated organisation to


“Offence sells tickets, but defence wins games”.

Consistently successful basketball players and teams know this coaching cliché to be true. So when it comes to developing their skills and tactics, players must work on their defence in every practice.

Defence must be a priority.

There is not substitute for hard work and not shortcuts to success, but with the right focus, proper preparation and sufficient determination teams and individuals can reach their goals.

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